Ranking Among M7 Business Schools MBA

M7 (Magic Seven or Magnificent Seven) is a group of prestigious business schools in US, which represent the highest level of the professional business education as well as the academic research in this sector. These following seven business schools have been constantly dominating various ranking league tables of MBA programs and business schools:

Columbia Business School, Chicago University Booth School of Business, Harvard Business School, Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management, MIT Sloan School of Management, Stanford GSB, University of Pennsylvania the Wharton School

One might ask how to rank these M7 schools among themselves? Are they equally good among each other? Or someone is slightly edging out or lagging behind? Well, the answer is that there is no consensus about the ranking among M7 schools. What one thinks perfect might sound absolutely absurd to another. However, there has been some objective rating by some local American applicants as well as some employers regarding the ranking among M7 business schools.

When one talks about the very best MBA or business school in the country (USA) or even in the world, he most probably refers to Harvard. Being supported by the world’s best and most renowned university, HBS is undoubtedly considered as the best of the best. HBS excels in almost all subjects in business education, but particularly strong in strategy and leadership.

When one thinks of the Top-3 business schools / MBA, he might add Wharton and Stanford, both from elite universities. Wharton has the world top class finance faculty, while Stanford is located in the very heart of the world’s innovative center, the Silicon Valley.

Then what about Top-5 business schools / MBA? One might then add two: Chicago’s Booth and MIT’s Sloan. Chicago has been long been considered as the Mecca for economics and finance, which equips its MBA graduates with the best quantitative analysis skills, while MIT’s Sloan has been considered as the top technological school,  which also includes a renowned financial engineering option in its MBA curriculum.

Then Kellogg and Columbia are being added to the M7 group. Kellogg has the world’s most famous marketing faculty, while Columbia has unmatchable power of placing graduates in the financial sector at the Wall Street.

Well, the above ranking is purely an objective rating by some of the MBA applicants and employers. And it might contradict your own opinions.

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